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Rates & Fees

Simulator time is made available at hourly and half hourly rates for up to 4 players simultaneously. Estimate one hour for each experienced golfer to complete 18 holes. We recommend booking extra time if it is your first time playing. Playing time is also dependent upon the skill level of the players.  Once per round, 15 minutes of additional time can be purchased for $10, if available.  This is ideal for those looking to warm up on the range or finish out a round at the end of the reserved time.


1 Hour 1/2 Hour
Private Room- Surcharge $10 $5
*Rates are Per Hour and NOT Per Person*
(i.e. a twosome booking the bay for an hour would pay $50 total not $50 each)


*Includes play October-April 
rivate room when available
*Tee times are still required
*Membership cards do not apply to league rates

10 Hours- Regular Rate $500- Save $50 $450 N/A
15 Hours – Regular Rate $750– Save $150 $600 N/A
25 Hours – Regular Rate $1250– Save $375 $875 N/A




 League Presidents contact for rates and details    
 League Pricing Includes:    
  • 2 1/2 hours of simulator time
  • 8 to 24 players per league.  Playing time based on having 4 players per group
 *Private Room included with group of 24 at no extra charge    

GROUP DISCOUNTS – (12 person minimum) 3 Standard Simulators 

2.5 Hours - Ideal for a Basketball game - Regular Rate $31.25/Person $27/Person   
3.5 Hours - Ideal for a Football game - Regular Rate $43.25/Person $38/Person  
4.5 Hours - Ideal for Tournaments - Regular Rate $56.25/Person $49/Person  
 *Private Room included with group of 24 at no extra charge    



Tournament Chair contact for rates and details