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Why Indoor Golf



Pace of Play: At Par's Indoor Golf, you will never be hassled by an old ranger for hitting an extra shot from 100 yards out because you teed off at 6:30 on a Tuesday night, you're the last group on the course and already caught the league in front of you...you know who you are...Ranger Rick. In addition, you'll never be waiting on the slow group in front of you or be pushed by that 14 year old, that's just better than you right now...you know who you are too. Play at your own pace every time.

Great for all Levels: For Beginners: At Par's Indoor Golf the intimidation factor is completely removed. Have the entire course to yourself as often as you like until you're more comfortable taking your game outdoors. For Everyone Else: Work on all aspects of your game year round all while getting to play some the world's most prestigious courses.

100+ Reciprocals: Play one of the many courses the PGA plays or simply enjoy the scenic views of Pebble Beach using your own clubs and your own balls. Play any one of 100+ courses from around the world without traveling any further than Syracuse, NY.

Structure: Many golfers, especially beginners, do not like or understand the structure of the game. They may be unfamiliar with golf etiquette, the rules of golf or how to simply "get around the course". At Par's Indoor Golf, you control all aspects of the game, from weather and time of day to mulligans and gimmies.

 Ability to Improve: So you just hit a large bucket of balls at the range, do you really have any idea how far you hit a 7 iron now? Utilize Tru Golf's state of the art technology to gain critical data after every shot, including distance, club head speed and swing path.

Time: Take the guesswork out of how long your going to be at the course today. At Par's Indoor Golf the average player can complete 18 holes of golf in an hour, or even be able to squeeze 9 holes in during a lunch break.

Weather: So let's talk about the obvious, winters in Central New York stink!! Par's Indoor Golf provides protection from the blistering cold of winter to the week long stretches of rain in the summer. Every season is now golf season.